About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Unchecked Apparel LLC is an apparel manufacture and clothing brand created to teach, inspire and motivate those who would normally get ignored by today’s standards. Our designs are completely original and are based around promoting knowledge, financial literacy and positivity for all races, genders and nationalities. Our focus is to show that even the average person can afford quality apparel with social content that they can wear with pride, by making our apparel from premium quality fabrics and materials just like the high-end fashion lines. However, what separates us from them is that we put more emphasis on catering to educating our customers more than just making them look good. We’re a lifestyle and not just a brand.

A Few Words About

Our Owner

Brian Lesane was born and raised outside the city of Hemingway, in the small state of South Carolina. Brian considers building generational wealth and always investing in yourself by consistently acquiring knowledge to be some of the most important ways one can not only better their life, but also the lives of their families. If he isn’t spending time with family, he is almost always advocating financial literacy and why it’s important for everyone through his clothing brand, Unchecked Apparel, or by speaking to the youth. Growing up in a small town, he has seen first-hand how lack of information can be very detrimental to a young person’s life. Which is why, as a parent, Brian understands that you can only teach your children what you know, making the urge to always seek new information to be a high priority for any parent. Brian is the author of 2 books, “How to Turn Credit into Cash” and “The Art of Turning Your Car into An Asset”, which were both best sellers on Amazon.

Brian Lesane

Founder - Owner